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Paint 3D help and info

  • What is Paint 3D?

    Paint 3D stems from Microsoft Paint. It combines features of Microsoft Paint and 3D Builder, creating a hybrid 2D-3D editing platform. It enables the use of different shapes, obtainable from the app itself, from Microsoft’s Remix 3D service and from external sources.

  • I’m not a 3D expert, can I use Paint 3D?

    Paint 3D is designed to allow beginners and experts to benefit from using it. If the user is hesitant about creating 3D art, there are a series of videos demonstrating how easy it is to get started. These videos are a step by step guide, starting with simple models like a cube, right up to more complex designs, like a bird.

  • How do I launch Paint 3D?

    Windows 10 Creators Update must be running on the computer. Previous revisions of Windows 10 and earlier releases will not run Paint 3D. Both the ‘Start > All Apps’ and Windows Ink Workspace functions can be used to launch the application.

  • Are there any fun features of Paint 3D?

    Realistic textures such as wood and soft grass can be used with various lighting options, to create scenes. is a community website where users can upload their own creations along with a video of their creative process and find thousands of 3D models to take inspiration from. Doodle 3D allows you to sketch a drawing and then instantly turns it to 3D.

  • What are the main functions of Paint 3D

    Firstly, constructing 3D objects. It is then possible to place these 3D objects within a scene. The third core feature of this application is its ability as a 2D and 3D editor using its ‘Magic Select’ tool.?

  • What kind of 3D files can I open or import?

    Currently, the application supports .obj, .stl, .3mf and .fbx file types. Many software packages support OBJ and FBX 3D file formats. For 3D printing, the compatible formats are 3MF and STL.

  • What kind of 2D file types can I open or import?

    The application is compatible with, .png, jpg, jpeg, jpe, jfif, bmp, dib, gif, tif, tiff, ico file types.

  • Can I use 2D and 3D together?

    The application is versatile in relation to combining 2D and 3D. One of these feature makes it possible to incorporate 2D images into 3D models. This is done using ‘Magic Select’, which cuts out images from selected pictures. These ‘cut outs’ can be used as stickers to wrap 3D models.

  • What kind of art tools do I get with 3D Paint?

    Similar to Microsoft Paint, this application comes with, a marker, calligraphy pen, oil brush, watercolour brush, pencil, eraser, crayon, pixel pen, spray can, and fill tool. These can be used in any colour and have options like thickness and opacity settings.

  • Can I use touch screen with Paint 3D?

    A touch screen is a useful feature to have when using this application, although it will work effectively on a non-touch display.